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Jim Zier and the Pack

Stephanie Zier with Ziggy

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Before starting Lucky Dog Adventures, I worked long hours doing field and lab work in the natural science field, feeling guilty about leaving my dogs to wait patently at home.  I would come home exhausted to excited dogs, eager to play, needing exercise and attention.  If I wanted to take a vacation it was often a real headache finding someone to take care of my house, property, livestock, and pets, especially if I had to leave the dogs behind.  I knew other people must be facing the same dilemma and decided to create the kind of dog daycare and in-home pet sitting business that I would want for my dogs and home.  Lucky Dog Adventures combines my love for dogs with my passion for hiking, exploring, trail running (I run ultra marathons), and telemark back country skiing.  I believe there are many dogs who simply do not get enough exercise, so my goal is to provide a service that helps dogs be physically fit, content and happy.  My wife and I own a secluded 40 acres of hills and draws north of Sheridan; a safe paradise for dogs.  Owners of Lucky Dogs are welcome and encouraged to visit our adventure headquarters.  I want dog owners to know their best friends are in good hands.  Lucky Dog Adventures is not work, it is a passion, a hobby, an educational experience, and a joy to work with you and your Lucky Dogs.

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